Basic Pasture Board: 5 acre to 20 acre community pastures. Hay included, as needed. Pasture grass is usually plentiful through winter and spring. Horses are matched by, personality, sex, and dietary requirements, for minimum squabbles. $200 a month

Pasture Board with Pellet or Grain Feeding: Smaller pastures, 1-5 acres, with some seasonal grass and hay provided as required. Grain or pellets are included in this rate unless it is their sole diet. Pricing will then will be customized. Starts at $275

Paddock or dry lot board for horses with special dietary needs: Paddock size starts at 24 x 24, with shelter. Hay is included and regular paddock cleaning. Grain, pellets, or medicines can be fed, but will have to be provided by owner or custom pricing can be arranged. Starts at $250

Mare motel stalls with daily turn out: 12×24 stalls: Front half covered and matted. Light bedding provided. Hay included. Grain and supplements will be fed, if owner supplied. Daily turnout into pasture, size varies. $350 a month

Completely full care service: For owners that live long distance, a custom rate can be arranged that includes all yearly trimming, vaccines, and deworming, broken down to a monthly rate. Starts at $400 a month
Vet clinics are scheduled twice a year for vaccines, joint injections and other minor veterinary needs. Owners can choose their own vet for emergencies, or allow barn owner’s discretion for best response. Major care is usually referred to Loomis Basin Equine Clinic.

We have a regularly scheduled farrier for trims and shoeing. Horse owner can use their own farrier, but horse owner will be responsible for scheduling appointments and being present to hold horse.
There is an arena, round pen, and tie racks available for boarders.

Contact Mandi Thompson 916.616.2224 Plymouth, CA